Sleeping Beauty

Hey beauties,

Late, but happy new years to all of you. Let’s start off by taking a new years resolution of taking care of your skin. Make 2019 all about your life and skin – healthy skin equals a happy life. At least that’s how it is for me. When my skin is happy and glowy, I’m happy and I feel like I have my life together which makes me want to work hard towards my goals.

When it comes to glowing to the skin, no one does it better than Tatcha. I have been using this product, religiously, for about 3 weeks now, and I kid you not, it has given the glow as no other skincare has given. I use it at night before going to bed and wake up with new fresh looking (and feeling) skin.

My skincare routine as follows;

  • I wash my face with an Artistry foam cleanser
  • I apply couple drops of Tatcha – The Essence, and press it into my skin
  • lastly, I apply two pumps of Tatcha – Violet – C brightening serum

That’s all folks, 3 easy step which takes me max about 5 minutes to take good care of my skin. What are the products do you religiously use and what steps do you follow to take care of your skin?


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Statue of Liberty

Outfit details: 
Top: Shein
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: Macys

There is no better time to visit Statue of Liberty than the fall; when it is not too hot, nor too cold – just the perfect kind of weather to enjoy, travel and soak in all the trip has to offer.

Before I begin telling you about the things I did, let me tell you a brief history about The Statue of Liberty National Monument “In 1886, The Statue of Liberty Monument was a given to the United States from France to celebrate the friendship the two endured during the American Revolution. The Statue of Liberty has over the years has symbolized the freedom and the democracy of the United States.” For more information, click on the link provided. (

I was extremely excited to visit Liberty Park because I have never been there, rather heard things about it from my friends and relatives. As soon as I heard the news, I got my snack bag, put on an outfit and headed out. The Liberty Park is actually not that far from me, it was about an hour of a drive. We parked our car, purchased the tickets, and were waiting for the ferry. While waiting for the ferry, I had a little photoshoot, because why the heck not when there’s such a beautiful view of the New York skyline and we all know how much of a city girl I am, haha.

New York City Skyline

Leave me a comment below and let me know of any places you went this fall that I should check out. I cannot wait to read all the comments and the fun things you loves did! 🙂 


Focusing on the goooooods :)

Ever since I started working at Robert Wood Johnson, I have been focusing on the positives than I ever did before.  Working for Robert Wood Organization has been my dream ever since I figured out I wanted to do something in the healthcare stream. I am currently an undergraduate college student and it was recently I had found my passion in the healthcare field. I knew healthcare was the focus, but i was not quite sure and I would be so frustrated all the time because I would pay so much money on books, classes, transportation, and waste my time studying the things I did not enjoy.


I started off college thinking I will become a Physical Therapist, but once I interned at a clinic, I realized that is not something I was interested in. Then I went into Psychology, but I was not completely content with myself. Then I thought to myself about my leadership skills which I posses, and ended up declaring my major as a Healthcare Administration. I had a bit of a roller-coaster there, haha! 🙂


Because of the uncertainty and fear of failure, I would always be negative and just stayed in my room all day to study for the classes I did not like, but ever since I changed my major, I have been the most positive I could ever been, not to forget getting an employment at Robert Wood has changed my focus. It has taught me to shift focus, shift focus on my career, the things I enjoy and just to be positive, have patients, and taking one step at a time. I absolutely love my job and my choice of career. I have great mentors to be thankful for. Focus on your goal at all times.

Healthy Eating:

Due to the hours, I eat healthy and on time. Eating healthy is another way of focusing on the goods. Eating the right portion of the food, fruits, and vegetables a day is very important.

No Negativity:

No negativity is one of the key element in focusing on the good. Distance yourself from the negative people. Those who cannot bring a brighter side in you, do not belong in your life and I learned this the hard way. Sometimes it is okay to let go of the people who do not bring out the best in you. Sometimes it okay to let go of the people who are constantly crying and do not have anything nice to say.

Creating a Positive Day:

Yes, we do have some days where we just want to sleeping, wear PJs to work, but what I have been doing ever since I started working is, I would wake up every morning and tell myself, “today’s a beautiful day to enjoy life and make the most of it” or somedays I will say “today’s a beautiful day to achieve a goal that’ll take me closer to my ultimate goal”. The reason I say these things is because I love my career, and I cannot, CANNOT wait to graduate and work in the field of my career. By waking up with those thoughts in mind, it gives me a motivation and a purpose of life, and why I go to the work I go to.

These are some ways I create positivity in my life and focus on the goods; by eating healthy, focusing on my career, letting go of the negatives and those who do not uplift me, simply smiling. I hope you liked my blog post and I hope I made an impact on your life 🙂

Leave me a comment below and tell me how you guys focus on the good! Cannot wait to here from you loves! xoxo



Have you ever been so occupied to a point where you forget to take care of your skin?

I was so busy with my life that I forgot all about one of my beauts wedding I have to attend tomorrow, and luckily, Wink and A Kiss 5-minute Hydrogels came in advantageous. With this masks, I was able to give my skin a healthy treat and look fabulous and fresh at the wedding.

This is a very high-end product- the sheets are very fragile, but provided me with the best treatment and hydration in 5 minutes. The product does not feel heavy at all, in fact, it is very lightweight and dewy.

I had never used a product like this before. The thought of hydrogels is entirely new for me. I applied the eye patch, and felt remarkably relaxed and refreshed. I also tried the lip patch, and after the five minutes application, my lips felt smooth, moisturized and not at all flaky.


  1. Place 1 pair of gels onto clean, dry under-area for 5 minutes or longer (personal preference).
  2. Discard after use and massage remaining serum into skin.

The Wink and A Kiss 5 minute Hydrogels retails for $16.00 and you could find more details HERE.


*Kiss dry lips goodbye. Quickly moisturize and soften your pout. You’re left with perfectly prepped lips, ready to make up and mouth off.*


*Puffiness. Fatigue. Dryness. Enter the fast fix for tired eyes, featuring Caffeine and Hydrolyzed Collagen. Look like you got your full 8 hours every day.*

*Included: 2 FlashPatch® Hydrating Lip Gels + 2 Pair FlashPatch® Rejuvenating Eye Gels*



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img_3299Maitri Patelimg_3300img_3298img_3301

Have you ever been SO drained, not physically or mentally, but just drained to a point where you feel as if your skin is not feeling healthy, hydrated or shiny? No disturbances, we are on the same ship because I felt like that this past weekend due to lack of sleep. Waking at 5 AM every morning, to going to bed around 10 PM, and not to mention, having makeup on for 15+ hours – my skin had 0 change of catching a breeze. After the fourth day, I was scared my skin would give up on me, but fortunately, I was introduced to Boscia’s Cactus Water Moisturizer before going on my trip and every puzzle started to solve itself after.

The Boscia’s Cactus Water Moisturizer is “an ultra-lightweight moisturizer that gives thirsty skin a sip of hydration (courtesy of The Queen of Night Cactus), leaving skin soft, smooth, and supple” and in my opinion, it lives by the words. I used it every night before going to bed and after taking off my makeup. It gave my skin bright, hydrated and glowy look for the next day.

I unquestionably love the way it feels on my skin, it is not heavy, sticky, or itchy. I have had some skincare products itch and irritate my skin and quite frankly, this performs nothing negative to my skin. I think I may have found my skincare moisturizer which I was looking for, for the past 6 months. The main positive quality of this hydrating cream is that it can be used morning and night, alone, or under makeup. I am very fond of that quality because now, my skin will be taken care of the days I have makeup on, and I will not need to worry too much about my skin being hydrated because this will do the task!


  1. Using provided spatula or fingertips, scoop onto fingers and apply liberally on cleansed and toned skin.
  2. Can be used morning and night, alone, or under makeup.
  3. Rinse spatula after each use.

The Cactus Water Moisturizer retails for $38.00 and you could find more details HERE.






Disclosure: Complimentary was provided by Boscia via Influenster.
The opinions expressed herein are those of author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Boscia.